Dragon Blood Jasper Bracelet.
6mm gemstone


This is a bracelet of courage that will crank up your determination and mental strength to resist giving in to failure. This bracelet is one of our personal favorites, it's just so damn sexy.


Legend has it that the pieces of this bracelet are the remains of ancient dragons. The green being the skin and the red the blood. This Manifestationbeads bracelet is to keep around your wrist if you find your head sky-rocketing into the clouds from time to time, or if your worries tend to knock on your door and manage to successfuly open. This one will show who's boss.


this part you hide for your kids.
Dragon blood jasper is known to stimulate desire and prolong sexual pleasure.



Are you ready to release your inner dragon?


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  • All orders are sent from Sweden or The Netherlands.
    This bracelet is made of: 

    Hand-chosen high quality natural gemstones (color of bracelets may therefore vary)

    Stainless steel detailing (not plated. won't fade or tarnish)

    Thick top-notch stretch wire. 

    Size: One-Size (with stretch) Fits All.
    If your wrist is between 17,5 - 19,5 cm on the thickest part you're good.

    Need smaller or larger?
     We'd love to custom make to fit your needs. Simply add your wrist measurements in the "add a note" section in the cart before checkout or send us an e-mail on info@manifestationbeads.com and explain your needs.

    For best use:
    We recommend that you do not wear your manifestationbeads while swimming, bathing, or during sporting activities. Try to avoid direct contact with corrosive liquids such as soap, perspiration(sweat) and water etc.


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