Black Agate x Stainless Steel Detailing.

8mm gemstone

is worn for courage and success in competitions. This gemstone is known to attract good fortune and for absorbing negative energy. This piece of will assist you through the day and remind you to ZEN the F*CK OUT.


The skull detailing is made of stainless steel and adds an unique roughness that everyone can pull off.

* Zen is a total state of focus that incorporates
 a total togetherness of body and mind.


* Did you know Stainless Steel doesn't fade nor tarnish?


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  • All orders are sent from Sweden or The Netherlands.
    This bracelet is made of: 

    Hand-chosen high quality natural gemstones (color of bracelets may therefore vary)

    Stainless steel detailing (not plated. won't fade or tarnish)

    Thick top-notch stretch wire. 

    Size: One-Size (with stretch) Fits All.
    If your wrist is between 17,5 - 19,5 cm on the thickest part you're good.

    Need smaller or larger?
     We'd love to custom make to fit your needs. Simply add your wrist measurements in the "add a note" section in the cart before checkout or send us an e-mail on and explain your needs.

    For best use:
    We recommend that you do not wear your manifestationbeads while swimming, bathing, or during sporting activities. Try to avoid direct contact with corrosive liquids such as soap, perspiration(sweat) and water etc.


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