Looking Ahead: The Future of Wearing a Suit With Ultimate Confidence.

So we all know that wearing a suit can be a drag and just the thought of it can ruin a whole day believing it's "like wearing a clothing prison". The thing is that in 2019 the rules have changed and everything you read online about etiquette can be wiped away, and you just because you are going to celebrate a wedding or a fancier party doesn't mean you have to feel uncomfortable the whole day. You've just go to unlock the secret to wearing a suit in your own way.

We've discovered the secret to wearing a suit and these are the tips and tricks on how to approach this. Sharpen your vision, put your reading glasses on because we are about to unlock a new discovery in your mind. Let's get started. 1: Choose a suit with a wool and elastan mixture (97% wool / 3 % stretch) normally suits tend to have a 70% wool / 30% polyester mix and that doesn't feel comfortable at all and the polyester tends to heat it up and gather the juices. With the 3% stretch you can start dancing and make the moves like jagger without breaking the thing and avoiding embarrassing pants-ripping situations, and the 97% wool is el naturale and tends to not stink of sweat if you have that problem. 2: Don't always choose the first best. Take your time to convince yourself that you look fucking cool. I mean why can some men wear ridiculous clothing and seem super cool? I'll tell you - they have convinced themselves it looks cool and their confidence shines through. Our subconscious mind will think "Oh wow that guy is confident in that stupid outfit - then it must be cool after all, maybe i will be just as confident if i wear it as well" you might not believe me, but that's the psychological answer to it.

3: Rock some dope ass sneakers to your suit to add a personal touch to it. My personal recommendation, a pair of minimalistic white low-top sneakers that you probably can find for 30€ at H&M or ZARA. 4: Don't forget to make minor changes at your local tailor. Make sure your jacket/blazer sleeves aren't too long. wearing the jacket, arms straight down, your sleeves should end just above where your thumb begins. Then it looks dope with a t-shirt and with a shirt the cuff is shoving a bit - and that looks dope!

The length of your pants should be above your heel and just lay on the top of your foot. Don't forget to ask the tailor to take the pant in a bit under the calves if it is a major shortening of your pants since they cut if off and on the upper part of the pants it tends to be wider. Unless you want the wall-street look.

5: Most important is the Accessories for men. Any man can look good in any outfit with enough confidence but in a room full of confident well-dressed dudes the one with the greatest accessories like bracelets and watches will look extraordinary. I'd recommend a stainless steel watch (invest in a timeless timepiece like a Rolex daytona or a Rolex datejust) or a daniel wellington and match it up with a minimalistic stainless steel bangle and a gemstone manifestationbeads beaded bracelet - They never go out of style.

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Happy hunting.

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