Photoshop chpt. 1. Purpose chpt.1 .

I wanna let you guys know that i'm gonna master the craft of photoshop to make my very own prints, i've got so many ideas. Imagine how cool to finally be able to take ideas from my head and turn it into a visual thing others can look at as well. Imagine sitting in public and you see someone wearing your idea. Gahhh that feeling is amazing! Let's vibe together!

We are going to wear this journey together, this is the journey that we are all being given when we are born, the life long mystery of life. We are going to discover all of the cool shit together!

Do you think it'll be fun to watch this post in like a few years? 😆

this is how my notes on icloud look so far after trying to learn photoshop through youtube haha, let's do it, wish me luck:

______________________________________________ PHOTOSHOP:

Helvetica Neue cool font to play with

Wrap tool upper right corner of menu

presets below makes a font into logos that looks quite dope. bit premiumi.

Color overlay / gradient colorlay + Layer style / drop shadow / vintage contrast bakgrund.

Perfect size for t shirt print:

Dokument; 37cm width, 45 cm height, 300 resolution pixel/inch

RGB color color mode

View: choose ruler, to see the cm on the layout applied above the frame.


This will take a while to master but it's gonna be so much fun doing it so let's go!

gotta go practice bye!

DAY 1: 😂