Manifestationbeads was born in the city of our dreams.

Manifestationbeads was born in a 22 square-meter studio apartment by the canals of kloveniersburgwal, Amsterdam.


I have always worn bracelets as a reminder of something or someone. Bracelets are a part of every move you make throughout the whole day.

Accessories enhances first impressions. imagine having a bracelet that every day reminds you of what you want, can and will achieve. Imagine havine a tool to help manifest your biggest aspirations. This was something i had to do. Not only for myself, but for everyone.

I believe that what we lock our focus on and keep in our mind every day, we will get, no matter what it is. 

As long as you believe in it.

 Whatever we continuously think about - we will manifest in life. 


Marvin B.F