Manifestationbeads was born in the city of our dreams.

Manifestationbeads was born in a 22 square-meter studio apartment by the canals of kloveniersburgwal, Amsterdam.


All bracelets are made by hand in Stockholm, Sweden and Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

My personal philosophy is the belief of always being surrounded by great energy and that our mind is our biggest limit and our biggest asset. I believe that what we lock our focus on and keep in our mind every day, we will attain, no matter what it is. Good or bad. All it takes is consistency, and constant repetition. We’re here to make sure it’s good.


I have always worn bracelets as a reminder of someone, something or somewhere.
Therefore applying my personal philosophy into premium handcrafted bracelets, made with care and passion was clear as day.  Accessories also enhances first impressions.