Manifestation Sustainable Streetwear

Manifestation as a company was born in the city of my dreams. Amsterdam.
I myself was born in Stockholm. 

It all started in a studio apartment by the canals of Kloveniersburgwal, Amsterdam.
The funny thing about this street is that my dream was always to live there. I manifested it

My personal philosophy is the belief of always being surrounded by great energy and that our mind is our biggest limit and our biggest asset. I believe that what we lock our focus on and keep in our mind every day, we will attain, no matter what it is. Good or bad. All it takes is consistency, and constant repetition. We’re here to make sure it’s good.

My purpose and promise on the other hand is that I am doing my very best to find the most optimal solutions to leave as small carbon footprint as possible. Our collections are now organic. It just doesn't make sense otherwise. We are on this earth together, ruining it doesn't make sense.

Hemp fabric / Organic cotton / Double hemp wire bracelets. Biodegradable packaging.

Earth is our happy-place, we work with it, not against it.

If we can do it, the big guys can do it too.

With passion and mind,
Marvin, Manifestationbeads